Do you have an heirloom garment or fabric that deserves a second life? Let us reimagine it into something custom for you. Submit your inquiry here.

heirloom [noun]

1. Something of special value handed down from one generation to another


customize [verb]

1. To build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications

2. To reimagine and create something unique to you


    The Heirloom

    Whether it's your mother's wedding gown, your grandmother's curtains, or a treasured vintage quilt, heirloom items hold immense sentimental value in our hearts.


    The Design

    Through this intimate process, embark on a personalized journey with Vanessa, collaborating closely to breathe new life into a bespoke creation that speaks uniquely to you.


    The Creation

    Experience the unparalleled significance of donning a piece that encapsulates your heritage, intertwining past and present, yet resonates with your personal style and narrative.


Phase 1 | In Person Consultation

We will discuss vision, goals, and purpose of the new design. Hear story, inspiration, and background. Try on piece as is, take measurements, and evaluate options.

Phase 2 | Sketch Review

Over video call, we will look at the sketch created after the consultation. Sketch will be discussed, edited, and approved for start.

Phase 3 | First Fitting

Try on the first fit of the garment(s).

Phase 4 | Second Fitting

Try on second fit of the garment(s). Changes from first fitting made. Opportunity to make minor design adjustments at this fitting.

Phase 5 | Final Fitting & Handoff

Try on final garment(s). Garment(s) are packaged and handed off to client on same day.