fath [noun]

1. Sisterhood, family, history, legacy

2. Way of thinking, a way of being


collective [noun]

1. A togetherness; a cohesive unit; an interconnected network

What is “Fath”?

We have always been “The Fath Girls”. If you know one, you know us all. The sisterhood element, the trio of Fath's, share more than just the same last name. We share the belief that we are capable of working together in a way that creates real, tangible impact. To be a Fath is to know your unique skill sets and to work together to lift one another with love, support, and empathy. We collaborate and learn from each other to bring our visions to life and strengthen the collective as a whole.

  • Vanessa / CEO & Creative Director / Middle Sister

    Vanessa learned to sew before she could read. From the teachings of our Portuguese grandmother, Vovo, sitting at the machine on her lap, Vanessa was quick to learn the skill of making clothing. Through her life and love of people, she has honed her skills to become a human centric, circular and sustainable designer, recognized by numerous honorable people and awards.

  • Christina / CFO & Logistics / Little Sister

    With early foresight of the brand we could build together, Christina took the business route and studied entrepreneurship, marketing, human resources and finance throughout her education and afterwards. She is the functionality behind the brand, giving the business life, and keeping Vanessa’s creative chaos organized.

  • Ashley / COO & Oversight / Big Sister

    Ashley’s natural inclination and lifetime of education in research and science makes her essential when taking what we know to another level and providing a voice of reason. Being the eldest of the sisters, she innately keeps us grounded and helps streamline the collective toward our goals.

What is Collective?

Our family has always been a collective unit; a support network; a community of friends and family; a sandbar with splash-ups perfect for taking a leap; a home base. We are individuals - artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, believers - existing within a unified whole. To be a collective is to embrace the “it takes a village” mentality to support the greater, sustainable good.


In 1970, our family immigrated from Portugal to America. Having been a seamstress in her youth, our Vovo carried her skills and began sewing on a factory line in Newark, NJ. She established a reputable career as an independent seamstress and dress maker, while raising two equally as notable and inspiring daughters, who proceeded to raise us with the same passion.


As a sister owned and operated business, we are proud to carry the legacy of three generations into The Fath Collective.

Where are we going?

Our mission

To re-frame how we wear, care, and share our clothing.

Our philosophy

To design with purpose, embedding empathy into all things we create. We believe that clothing is not just fabric we put on our bodies; its the story we want to tell, the identity we build, and the community we want to be a part of. We use our clothing to connect and convey our personalities and to step into the day on the right foot.

We aspire to build community and change the narrative around the relationships we have with our clothing through circular, human centric design.

What is “The Fath Collective” now?

Inspired by our American Portuguese culture and the value of generational, heirloom items, we create pieces with beautiful longevity that will last through interchanging seasons, styles, and wearers. We are a family business, supported by friends and colleagues, building community around the powerful impacts that our clothing creates. Our brand is your invitation to join our collective.