fath [noun]

1. Sisterhood, family, history, legacy

2. Way of thinking, a way of being


collective [noun]

1. A togetherness; a cohesive unit; an interconnected network

Our Mission

To re-frame how we wear, care, and share our clothing.

Our Philosophy

To design with purpose, embedding empathy into all things we create. We believe that clothing is not just fabric we put on our bodies; its the story we want to tell, the identity we build, and the community we want to be a part of. We use our clothing to connect and convey our personalities and to step into the day on the right foot.

We aspire to build community and change the narrative around the relationships we have with our clothing through circular, human centric design.

Our Story

The Fath Family

Our family has always been a collective unit. We are individuals - artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, believers - existing within a unified whole. To be a collective is to embrace the “it takes a village” mentality to support the greater, sustainable good.

The Portuguese Ladies

In a tale as old as time, our family, abundant with women, naturally embraced the tradition of sharing clothing.

Vovo the Seamstress

In 1970, our family immigrated from Portugal to America. Having been a seamstress in her youth, our Vovo carried her skills and began sewing on a factory line in Newark, NJ.

Vovo the Mama

She established a reputable career as an independent seamstress and dress maker, while raising two equally as notable and inspiring daughters, who proceeded to raise us with the same passion.

The Fath Sisters

With the influence of our Portuguese grandmother, a skilled seamstress, the essence of clothing enveloped our lives. Growing up, sharing and caring for our garments became second nature, instilled in us from a young age.

The Next Gen Seamstress

Vanessa, inspired by our Vovo, began sewing at the tender age of 4, transforming this early passion into a lifelong pursuit. She further honed her craft through design studies and earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in design, and a graduate certificate in sustainability leadership.

Mama Fath and Her Girls

Today, alongside her sisters and supportive mom, we collaboratively craft unique pieces from garments that carry rich stories.

As a sister owned and operated business, we are proud to carry the legacy of three generations into The Fath Collective.